Call for Ideas: The Garden of Plants

Archdaily_ Much has been said about the contemporary garden, which has explored various forms of architecture and design in recent years. At the same time, ecological issues have been brought to everyone's attention, so much so that the garden, as an artistic and cultural manifestation of nature, cannot ignore the principles of energy saving, the conservation of water resources, and unconditional respect for all forms of biodiversity.

Science has made great strides in allowing us to understand the strength of our interdependence with our planet, both as human beings and as part of a complex system, ecosystems of inter-species relationships between organisms that, directly or indirectly, hold up the delicate balance that our planet requires in the way we know, admire and wish to preserve. Furthermore, technology continues to advance, so that we can no longer imagine a future without innovation. One element is however being lost: the gardens in which every day, we develop a close relationship with plants

Therefore, with this call for ideas - conceived by Antonio Perazzi, artistic director of the Radicepura Garden Festival - our purpose is to invite designers to engage with the theme of gardens in which plants are not an ancillary or simple decoration, but the starting point and the inspiration for the design. The designers and planners, regardless of their training, will be required to try their hand at "botany for landscape designers", remaining light and joyful like the flowering of a wild flower, or sophisticated as the most precious rare plant, which needs care and culture, artistic sense and poetry. While remaining committed to environmental principles, which we support as the highest priority, we expect to receive elegant, well-designed projects that show the benefits of a high-quality, modern, functional, poetic, and peaceful garden.

Through this call, we want to encourage a debate around a new style of garden capable of promoting the conscious belonging to the natural world, putting plants at its heart, and these we will be happy to make available in abundance from the very rich catalog of Piante Faro.

In the first phase, designers are invited to join our call by submitting an idea that is convincing enough to access a selection. After this initial phase, we will draw up a short list: those selected will access a second phase in a restricted form and will be invited to produce a detailed project for a specific area to be assigned to them. Finally, in the final selection, the 7 winners will be invited to create their garden in the park of the Radicepura Biennale, where throughout the festival thousands of visitors, photographers, and journalists from all over the world will visit, study, and enjoy their projects, appreciating their quality and beauty.

Price: Free

Deadline: 14 November 2022

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