Posterheroes 2022 – Mindful or Mind Full?

We live in an era of information overload where people must continually reskill, upskill and get new skills. Learning follows the accelerated pace of technological progress, leaving behind those who cannot keep up. It is time to change the paradigm in favour of slow and sustainable learningthat aims to train conscious individuals in the name of cooperation, respect, and solidarity.

Posterheroes propose to reflect on the limits of current learning models and imagine future ones:MINDFUL OR MIND FULL?

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Price and winners

You have the chance to win a 2.500 € prize
or to take part in many exhibitions and events and be featured in Posterheroes publications and editorial projects!

What is Posterheroes?

Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication that calls for posters (70×100 cm) about social and environmental issues. Every year, Posterheroes invites students, professional designers, and everyone who is into graphic design to create a poster about topics of social interest. All the works are judged by a selection panel composed of some of the most relevant graphic design and visual communication experts.

Deadline: 20 September 2022

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