Joshua smith`s intricate miniature sculptures depict urban decay across the world

Designboom_Since 2015, Australia-based artist Joshua Smith has been creating miniature sculptures depicting urban decay across the globe. Initially focusing on replicating Hong Kong buildings, he expanded his scope to include tiny, detailed structures from cities like New York City in the US, as well as Melbourne and Adelaide in his native Australia. Smith meticulously crafts his models using a diverse array of materials, such as wood, cardboard, plastic cards, chalk pastels, spray paint, and wire. Through his highly detailed sculptures, he captures the essence of soon-to-be-demolished buildings, abandoned stores, and graffiti-covered dumpsters, offering viewers a glimpse into the beauty found amid disrepair.

Joshua Smith’s works delve deep into the often-overlooked aspects of urban landscapes, such as grime, rust, discarded cigarettes, and graffiti. His latest creations, ranging from an abandoned bookstore in Melbourne to a closed record store in San Fransisco and an old grocery store in Brooklyn, meticulously replicate real-life structures with striking detail. Smith’s process involves meticulous observation, allowing him to infuse his miniatures with life-like intricacies. crates, garbage bags, signs, AC units, and fire hydrants can be found among the many tiny realistic elements of the sculptures.

Smith’s background as a self-taught stencil artist shines through in the authenticity of his graffiti and street art elements, mirroring their real-world counterparts with precision. With a career spanning 17 years, Joshua Smith has been exhibiting his work in various art hubs including London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Japan, and across Australia.