Tactical Urbanism NOW! – Architecture Competition

The challenge of this competition is to encourage participants to imagine a city where public space goes beyond the traditional conception of a park, a square or a street. The idea is to experiment with new urban scenarios which are able to promote social exchange, community activities and citizens interaction through the implementation of multifunctional designs.

Following the principles of Tactical Urbanism, participants are therefore asked to propose innovative and unconventional projects able to improve the current conditions of public spaces.

If the question is how to do it, then modularity and flexibility of use might be strategic aspects that can help you to come up with interesting ideas! How the same space could allow different functions according to the program of the day? How can a space meet different needs according to the requirements of the potential users?

Use your imagination and propose a concept that takes urban space into another level, transforming it to become more playful, lively and welcoming.

A total of 4,000 Euro are available in prizes, of which 2,000 Euro are reserved for the 1st Prize. The 2nd Prize is 1,000 Euro and the 3rd Prize, 500 Euro. Two Gold Mentions of 250 Euro each, will also be announced. In addition to the cash prizes, 10 Honorable Mentions and 30 Finalists will be selected.

Deadline: 29 November 2020
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