Artist and activists in residence

Hektor is a safe space for artists, activists, guests and friends. We want to use our estate to create a better and more creative world, from one of the world’s most inspiring islands: Lanzarote.

Read more about our residencies below or register immediately.

You can now apply for the first seven months of 2024 (please note there is only availability in February, May, mid-June until end of July)

We offer working space both for artists and activists.

We open our doors to any art form and type of activism, as long as you endorse our values: planet-driven, diverse, progressive and open.

In the first four months of 2024 we offer two of our suites for residencies.

Our suites (30 - 40m2) have a kitchenette, one or two rooms, en-suite bathroom and a double bed, including bed sheets, towels, toiletry and bi-weekly cleaning.

There is a shared atelier workspace (app. 16 m2) that is reserved for artists / activists from 10.00 to 18.00 which has an extra kitchen.

Our rates:

  • € 50 per night for the artist/activist (excl. taxes if applicable) . Minimum stay is 14 nights.

  • € 1.250 for a stay of one month (artist/activist)

  • € 22 per night for an extra guest (max. 2 people per suite)

Discounts are possible, when contributing (see expectations). All prices are excluding applicable taxes.

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