SEGD Achievement Awards 2023

SEGD — the Society for Experiential Graphic Design, is seeking your nominations for its 2023 Achievement Awards.

Since 1987, SEGD has recognized the individuals, companies and institutions whose work has significantly advanced the design fields of environmental and experiential graphic design.

The SEGD Achievement Awards are a critical part of the fabric of the organization. These awards are bestowed annually on the individuals, companies and organizations that define the highest standards of practice in experiential graphic design.

Each year, SEGD presents Achievement Awards in six different categories:

  • Distinguished Member — for demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs and communities
  • Innovation — for advancing technologies and manufacturing in experiential design
  • Insight — for visionary clients who demonstrate the impact of experiential design by commissioning projects and initiatives that significantly enhance or promote opportunities for the field and practitioners
  • Educator — for educators driving and leading the development of the next generation of experiential designers, practitioners, and faculty
  • Chapter Chair — for outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, strength and excellence of SEGD both regionally and internationally
  • Fellow (the most prestigious award) — for promoting the highest values in environmental/experiential design and significantly contributing to the direction and growth of their field

Recipients include laureates and innovators in the field, champions of meaningful design and long-standing partners who have contributed significantly to the success of our organization.

Achievement Award winners will be announced and presented at the 2023 SEGD Annual Conference scheduled for 24–26 August in Washington, D.C.

Nominations — for both SEGD members and non-members — can be submitted through the official website.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.

Deadline: 15 March 2023

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