D & AD New Blood Awards 2023

D & AD celebrates and nurturesoutstanding work in the design and advertising industry each year with its international creativeawards. As well as the Professional Awards, D&AD aims to cultivate new talent, ensuring the nextgeneration of creatives gets off to a flying start.

D&AD New Blood Awards is one of the largest competitions for emerging creativesto exercise and showcase their talents in partnership withsome of the world’s leading brands including Audible, BBC, Google and Netflix.

Designed to help emerging creatives preparefor theworld of work with real-world brief experience, the D&AD New Blood Awards aims to helpbridge the skillsgap between what education teaches and what industry requires. It offers theopportunityto build portfolios and give a platform for emerging creatives to bespotlighted andseen by industry professionals.

Disciplines covered include Graphic Design,Digital Design,Advertising, Copywriting, Animation and Illustration.

You can enter as an individual, or up tofive people can work together and enter as a team.

Students and non-students can work togethertoo, but everyone on the team must be eligible to enter.

If you’re a student you need a tutor toenter. If you’re not a student, you don’t need to have a tutor. You also do not need to bea student to enter, but New Blood is for emerging talent so you must not have any more thanone years paid experience working in the creative


Enter for free by completing a 5-10 minuteentrant survey, or pay 15 GBP (approx. 17 USD) per entry.


Open worldwide to advertising, design,digital and marketing students, recent graduates and emerging creatives.


All winners will receive one New BloodPencil per team (the key to getting your foot in the industry’s door), a digital certificate perteam member, and lots more.

Deadline: March 21, 2023

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