Re-Imagining Cappadocia as an Eco-District Competition for Young Architects

GAD Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an international architecture competition that calls on young architects from around the world to envision a new natural environment based on living in a scenic and magical landscape. Re-Imagining Cappadocia as an Eco-District competition seeks to extend design insight into architecture embedded and in harmony with the Cappadocian landscape as the focus of Eco-District design.

Re-Imagining Cappadocia as an Eco-District is the international one-stage competition organized by the GAD Foundation in cooperation with Indigo Group that takes place in the Cappadocia Region of Turkey and aims to draw young professionals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 35 years old) to propose architecture projects with the purpose of increased earthquake-resistance, sustainability, resilience, efficiency, microclimatic solutions and respect for geological and ecological factors. The competition is set in the Avanos district of the Cappadocia Region of Turkey, in a typical Anatolian landscape.

Prizes & Mentions

• 1st Prize: 5.000€
• 2nd Prize: 3.000€
• 3rd Prize: 1.000€
• 2 Golden Mentions: 500€ each
• 10 Honourable Mentions
• 30 Finalists


The main theme of the competition is based on the idea of an “Eco-District” that will host several earthquake-resistant, lightweight, undetectable buildings, structures, and eco-cabins coupled with activities set inside a project area. The vast landscape area will be organized as an Eco-District with agricultural/sustainable/organic production areas, and outdoor activities such as a walking path and zones for physical activity to stimulate exploration and discovery. The Eco-District and primary activities are envisioned to be in and on a network of walking paths and open spaces. The design strategy of the competition will be to retain the natural materials and character of the Cappadocia region, particularly the Avanos region as a nature reserve. The competition calls for a non-invasive approach to the design of the “Eco-District” where ecosystems are supported and new construction is minimized considering many rock-carved dwellings in the Cappadocia and Avanos region flourishing with their scenic beauty and distinctive geo-morphological landscape.

Requested Material

Competitors have to submit a maximum of 3 A1 panels (59,4 x 84,1 cm) landscape or vertically oriented. Panels must contain all the necessary graphic information to explain the project in the best way possible (title, diagrams, sketches, renderings, model pictures, 3D visualizations, plans, facades, cross-sections, collages, and model photos). Competitors also have to submit an A3 album landscape-oriented, a maximum of 7 pages (boards) long.


  • DAVID BASULTO I ArchDaily (Berlin, GERMANY)
  • FERDA KOLATAN I UPENN Weitzman Architecture (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • AYAKO EZAKI I TrainingAid (Erlangen, GERMANY)
  • ELIF ERDINE I AA (London, UK)
  • ZOË RYAN I UPENN ICA (Pennsylvania, USA)


Competition Opening; April 5th, 2023
Submission Deadline: June 30th, 2023, 23:59:00 (UTC +03:00)
Final Jury Reviews: July 31st, 2023
Results Announcement: August 19th, 2023

Requirements / Eligibility

The competition is open to young professionals either in groups or individuals with a degree in architecture studies (≤ 35 years old) to propose architecture projects with the purpose of increased earthquake resistance, sustainability, resilience, efficiency, microclimatic solutions, and respect for geological and ecological factors.

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