5 Photo Award

It is organized by Parsian Art Cultural Institute of Amardad in cooperation with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts


Still Life & Landscape

Minimalist photography can be summed up in one simple sentence, the simpler the image, the more understandable it is. The art of minimal photography, although less well known; But it is a special art of photography and can be said to be effective for many situations. As a result, a few things are important in minimalist photography:

In the minimal photography style, one subject or a maximum of two subjects is used, and in fact, the details of the images of this style of images are removed; But in general, the meaning of the image is understandable. According to various photography sources, minimal photography is actually summarizing the form and emphasizing the content of the work. In fact, before this style of photography focuses on personal feelings and expression of emotions, it tries to use different rules and create wonderful and different works.

The theory of formalism advocates the supremacy of form and considers the subject and any reference to religion, history and politics to be aesthetically irrelevant or useless or to consider them a non-artistic preoccupation. Art must be judged by its own criteria, that is, by whether it embodies a form with meaning or not. Unfortunately, Roger Fry and Clive Bell, the inventors of formalism in the 1930s, did not want to, or perhaps could not, set the highest formal standards. Their effect was purely negative: Art should not be judged on the basis of the content of the narrative, the historical citations associated with psychological examinations of implicit emotional concepts, or the imitation of objects and surfaces.


The prize for the first person in photography: Gold camera symbol + International appreciation lodge + Fuji instax camera
Video art first place prize: gold camera symbol + international recognition lodge + Fuji instax camera
Abbas Kiarostami’s Special Award : Symbol of Golden Camera + International Appreciation Lodge + Fuji Instax Camera
Golestan Gallery’s special award to the selected person: cash + international certificate of appreciation
Special prize of technical complex to selected person: cash + free course of technical complex + international certificate


Deadline (closing date): 10 May, 2023

Judgement Date: 10 June,2023

Opening and Awarding Prizes and Commemorating Abbas Kiarostami: 22 June, 2023

(will be announce)

Location: Rodaki Art Cultural Foundation

*Submit your Artwork to official email:


“sending of your First name, Last name, Phone number with your files is mandatory”

For more information festival secretariat: 02188250609

If the photo is accepted in the competition section. And during the exhibition and sale of works in the gallery, the cost of framing and printing is the responsibility of the photographer, and in case of sale of the work, according to the custom of the gallery, the amount of the sale is divided between the gallery owner and the photographer. The festival will not have any share in this.

Technical Specifications:

– The participation of all domestic and foreign artists in this competition is free.

– Participating in the competition with camera and mobile is possible.

– Each participant can send a maximum of five works in the form of photos and video art.

– Works in the photo section must be submitted as a jpg file.

File: Maximum 1500 pixels on the longest side, Minimum 1MB Maximum 3MB , JPEG, RGB

– The quality and presentation of video art is the responsibility of the creator of the work and there are no restrictions.

-Copyright: All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author who is holding the copyright of all works submitted.

– Submitted works must not have signatures, badges, margins, logos and any visual markings.


– Sending the work constitutes declaration and acknowledgment of its ownership. If it proves otherwise, in addition to removing it from the exhibition, the sender of the works is responsible for the response and the organizer does not accept any responsibility in this regard and the violator will be dealt with according to the rules.

– The organizer is allowed to use the accepted works in cases such as printing books, brochures, advertisements, cyberspace, etc., mentioning the name of the author of the work.

– Submission of works means acceptance of the terms and conditions and the decision on unforeseen issues is the responsibility of the Competition Policy Council.

– Attendees will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

– How to present the works is the responsibility of the organizer.

To participate in the festival, send your works through the email below: