TDC Ascenders 2024

The TDC Ascenders 2024 competition, hosted by the prestigious Type Directors Club, stands as a beacon of recognition for the next generation of typographic designers. Aimed specifically at creatives under the age of 35, this global initiative seeks to unearth and honor individuals and duos who are making significant contributions to the realms of typography, lettering, and type design. By setting a stage for the innovative use of type in various mediums, Ascenders 2024 not only celebrates the talent of young designers but also promotes the evolution and diversity of typographic expression.

The competition is uniquely portfolio-based, requiring each entrant to submit six of their strongest works. This approach allows participants to showcase a breadth of skills and creativity, from traditional typography to digital typeface design and beyond. The selection criteria emphasize not just the aesthetic and technical qualities of the submissions but also the conceptual depth and originality. Ascenders 2024 thus offers a platform for emerging designers to gain visibility among an international audience, including leading professionals and peers within the typographic community.

In enhancing its outreach and accessibility, the Type Directors Club has implemented a tiered entry fee system, acknowledging the economic disparities across different regions. This thoughtful approach ensures that the Ascenders competition remains inclusive, inviting entries from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. Winners of the competition are inducted into the TDC Ascenders family, a distinguished group of typographic practitioners recognized for their excellence and innovation. The accolade not only marks a significant milestone in the recipients’ careers but also connects them with a vibrant network of professionals and opportunities in the field of typography.

The entry fee varies by region, with four pricing tiers: full-priced regions at $150 USD, mid-priced regions at $100 USD, low-priced regions at $50 USD, and free regions. All fees increase by $25 USD after the March 15 deadline.


Open worldwide to typographic creatives aged 35 or under.


Winners of the Ascenders 2024 competition will join the esteemed TDC Ascenders family, gaining recognition among the top creatives in the field of typography. A select number of winners will be chosen, adding exclusivity to the accolade. The celebration for winners will take place in New York on August 14, 2024, marking their achievement in advancing the craft of typography.

Deadline: April 16, 2024

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