28th ShinHan Postcard Art Contest

The 28th ShinHan Postcard Art Contest, under the innovative theme "My Future with AI: Building a Brighter Tomorrow," invites young artists worldwide to envision the future of artificial intelligence in art. This theme encourages participants to think creatively about how AI can be harmoniously integrated into artistic practices, reflecting both the possibilities and challenges posed by technological advancements in creativity.

Open to global participants aged 4 to 18, the contest offers a platform for emerging talents to showcase their artistic interpretations through a postcard-sized canvas. Using fine art paint as the primary medium, artists are encouraged to incorporate other media to a lesser extent, allowing for a diverse range of artistic expressions that capture their unique visions of a technology-integrated future.

This contest not only highlights the technical skills and imaginative capacities of young artists but also serves as a reflection of their thoughts on the evolving relationship between technology and human creativity. By focusing on AI's impact on the artistic world, ShinHan Art Materials aims to foster a dialogue about the future of art and innovation, engaging young minds in a global conversation about the potential of AI to enhance and transform creative expression.

There is no entry fee.


Open to art lovers aged 4 to 18 years from around the world.


The contest offers a range of prizes across different age categories. The Grand Prize winner will receive US $2,000. There are also first place prizes of US $600 for participants aged 16-18, US $400 for ages 13-15, and US $200 for ages 7-12 and 4-6. Additionally, there are eight second place prizes of US $100 each, and eight third place prizes which include art materials from ShinHan Art.

Deadline: May 31, 2024

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