Posters For Future: Green For Good

Creatives For Future invites you to take part in the 1st edition of their international poster competition about human-caused climate change. The intention is to raise awareness and cool down our carbon footprint (as well as our handprint).

The motto “Green For Good” only specifies the colors. Explore new ideas! It’s up to you: Come up with your own slogans, let the illustration take centre stage, allow a photo to say more than 1,000 words. The only limits to your creativity are those set by the printing process of risography.

50 winning posters will be printed and assembled into one giant poster and exhibited in several locations across Germany.

Posters For Future is established as an annual event. Every year, participants are assigned two colors. One color will represent the motto of the year, joining the hues of paper and black. In 2024, that color is green.

You can use this year’s motto “Green For Good” as a slogan if you like, but since Creatives For Future are looking forward to receive a diverse variety of posters, you are free in your design and wording – as long as you follow the color requirements and make sure your poster is about climate change.

Some topics to inspire you:

  • Protecting the climate
  • Deforestation
  • Plant extinction
  • Green energy
  • Climate and social justice
  • Urban greening

The minimum age to participate in the competition is 16 years.

To ensure equal conditions for all, each participant may enter up to two posters. You are welcome to work in groups of up to three people.

Please visit the official website for further information.

It's free to enter.

Deadline: 31 May 2024

Visit Official Website