5th Bolu International Poster Design Competition (BIAH)

Submissions have started for the 5th International Bolu Poster Design Competition. This year’s theme is Disabled Individuals in Society.

The competition’s theme is aimed at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals titled “Good Health & Well-being” and “Reduced Inequalities“, adopted by the United Nations. 10 sub-theme suggestions are available to participants regarding the competition theme.

For the first time this year, BIAH (Bolu International Art Hall) will crown the event with a physical exhibition. On 3 December 2024, World Disability Day, the posters of the selected designers will be exhibited in Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University’s art gallery.

Additionally, as always, a digital catalogue will be published, and certificates will be sent to the designers digitally.

Designers are expected to create designs that examine the following sub-themes. Participants can submit posters regarding each sub-theme.

  1. Where am I in disability equality?
    • Designs that address preventing discrimination in areas such as education, employment, health services, and transportation and provide the same opportunities to disabled individuals.
  2. Where am I regarding disability from the past to the present?
    • Designs address the changing quality of life of disabled individuals from past to present.
  3. Where am I in social participation?
    • Designs that address the social interaction of disabled individuals, their active role in areas such as business and education, their participation in cultural events and their participation in social decision- making processes.
  4. Where do I stand in disability empathy?
    • Designs that address the obstacles that disabled individuals face in daily life, the physical or emotional difficulties and the discrimination they experience in society.
  5. Where am I regarding disability rights?
    • Designs that address the national and international legal rights of disabled individuals and the implementation of these rights, ensuring the full and effective participation of disabled individuals in social, economic, cultural and political fields.
  6. Where am I in the education of disabled people?
    • Designs that address the lifelong learning needs of disabled individuals and enable them to become independent in society.
  7. Where am I in the employment of disabled people?
    • Designs that address practices that do not allow disabled individuals to fully use their economic independence and potential but enable them to become independent and productive in society.
  8. Where am I in barrier-free sports?
    • Designs addressing sporting events that are open to everyone’s participation without any barriers or restrictions.
  9. Where am I in the art and culture of people with disabilities?
    • Designs that address the richness of disabled artists and their culture.
  10. Where am I in disability accessibility and universal design?
    • Designs that address accessibility of disabled people to technology, socio-cultural areas, public services, education and universal design elements that facilitate this accessibility.

The 5th Bolu International Poster Design Competition is organized by Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University jointly between the Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Education.

Please visit the official website for further details.

It's free to enter.

Deadline: 1 November 2024

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