The Artist-in-residence programme at The Art Collective 8B is primarily intended for artists and designers who wish to experiment with their artistic expression and launch their first production or exhibition. As an artist-in-residence you will be part of a cosy local community and a creative network. During your stay you will be offered professional and personal sparring with professional ceramists and textile designers. We will arrange entrepreneurial workshops, network meetings with galleries and meetings with art mediators.

As an artist-in-residence you have the opportunity to add your own personal touch to the workshop and we will happily help you to obtain further equipment, machines and materials. As a resident of 8B you can organise seminars in the house, in return for an agreed upon payment to 8B. This is a good way of earning a bit of money during your stay.

It is possible to apply for a stay in The Art Collective 8B for a period of 2-12 months.

submission deadline:

starting in from september 15th, 2019 up to and including december 31st, 2019 must be received no later than september 1st, 2019.

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