rescubika envisions "babylon bridge" with waterfall over the seine in paris

Designboom_ rescubika has revealed the ‘babylon bridge‘ suspended over the seine, in paris, france. the bridge design is part of a larger project that aims to study the possibility of a strong city entrance in the form of a hanging landscape, providing pleasing views to passersby, and drivers waiting in traffic on the saturated local ring road.

the proposed landscape bridge by rescubika will create a strong, decisive link between the vidal naquet stone esplanade and rue françois truffaut (bercy village). it will be accessible from the quays, as well as from the motorway. in addition, the shores will be pedestrianized with activities focused on agriculture and livestock. ‘no more entrances to cities with polluting and unsightly factories, this is the advent of urban agriculture‘ the architects share.

strolling on the bridge will allow people to relax, while enjoying a powerful sensory experience, thanks to the huge central waterfall which pours into the seine and which is fed in continuous flow. vegetable gardens will be set up along the route and made available to locals. the users will be able to take their time, observe the scenery and unwind. the bridge provides a spacious area, isolated from the distracting noise of cars, motorcycles and trucks. the background will be mainly created by the invigorating noise of the central waterfall. the babylon bridge is a positive vision of the city of tomorrow, less chaotic and annihilating than that of yesterday.