150-Foot Sculpture of a Pink Rabbit Lies Down in Front of Indonesia`s Prambanan Temple

Mymodernmet_ American artist KAWS has installed one of his iconic characters in yet another scenic setting as part of the KAWS:HOLIDAY journey. Large-scale sculptures of his characters have already traveled to cities like Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore, and Bristol. But now, KAWS has conquered a UNESCO World Heritage Site with his installation at Indonesia's Prambanan Temple.

This 9th-century Hindu temple is located just outside of Yogyakarta and provides a scenic setting for ACCOMPLICE, which KAWS first debuted as a vinyl figure in 2002. The 150-foot pink rabbit lies stretched out in the grass before the temple known for its intricate carvings. It's the Brooklyn-based artist's largest sculpture to date and was organized by longtime collaborator AllRightsReserved.

“I am honored to have my sculpture on display in Indonesia, where it can be enjoyed by the public and become a part of the vibrant cultural landscape of the country,” shared the artist. “Art has the power to bring people together and inspire meaningful connections, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to that through my work.”

ACCOMPLICE was in place from August 19 until August 31, drawing a new demographic to the historic site.