ODA proposes perforated skyscraper with undulating garden terrace in south korea

Designboom_ ODA Architecture wins the Creative Innovation Architecture Design Pilot Project competition with an innovative mixed-use tower design for Seoul, South Korea. The high-rise building seamlessly integrates greenery and public space. The competition marks Seoul’s first initiative to incentivize the private sector to incorporate essential public space in exchange for increased FAR (floor area ratio) and height allowances. Built on the principle that ‘porosity leads to prosperity’, ODA’s residential tower design focuses on an open, inviting, and accessible public podium level. This design not only enhances the tower’s allure but also fosters a stronger connection between the community and the city. Eran Chen, ODA’s founder, highlights Seoul’s realization of the importance of expanding the public realm for a more meaningful urban environment.

The design team at ODA collaborates with Miraein, Index Partners, and Heerim Architects to propose a highly aesthetic tower that resonates with Seoul’s artistic sensibility and urban landscape. The concrete tower features a basement membership club, a porous public park and retail space at the podium level, and includes office spaces and high-end residences. Cheongdam-dong district, renowned for high-end retail and scenic views, informs ODA’s design, which incorporates multiple entrances into the public park, acting as a connection point to various neighborhoods and commercial zones. The area’s history and the clear pond that once defined it inspires ODA to prioritize nature in the tower’s design.