Semi-transparent membrane wraps the sculptural body of dubai art museum

Designboom_ Dubai Art Museum, designed by Kalbod Studio, features a distinctive ‘double skin’ design, combining transparency with a sculptural inner layer made of rammed earth. The outer skin allows visibility of indoor activities, while the inner layer creates a tranquil environment reminiscent of canyons or caves. The architecture embodies the Subject-Object philosophy, highlighting artists as the Subject and their art as the Object. It emphasizes the equal value of the building (Object) and its creators and users (Subject).

Addressing urban challenges, Kalbod Studio‘s museum concept contributes to pedestrian-friendly urban design, aiming to reclaim space for walkers. Situated near iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, it becomes a significant hub, fostering a communal space. A network of pathways guides pedestrians through functional spaces within Burj Park, leading to a ramp defining the museum’s entrance. The entrance features a semi-transparent membrane, offering a preview of the building’s curves and layers.

The layered space serves as an area for artistic and cultural gatherings, while the membrane enfolding it filters Dubai’s climate, ensuring a seamless transition between the external and internal spaces. Inside, vertical access leads to the top floor, allowing visitors to gradually descend along the central ramp, exploring gallery spaces. The design prioritizes human interaction, considering the building’s impact on urban development in Dubai.