Foster + Partners Designs Model Village for Saudi Arabian Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka

Archdaily_ Foster + Partners has been selected to design the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka. Positioned at the Yumeshima waterfront, the pavilion aims to evoke the essence of Saudi Arabian towns and cities while providing an engaging spatial experience. Overall, the design aims to immerse visitors through audio-visual elements and offer them a glimpse into the marvels of Saudi Arabia.

Using computational fluid dynamics simulations, the pavilion's structure was developed with inspiration from the organic forms of traditional Saudi villages. During the hot summer months, this strategy helps cool western winds flow through the city's streets. In addition, in the calmer months of April and October, the planted courtyard serves as a windbreak, protecting the pavilion from strong winds coming from the north.

"The pavilion is crafted to take visitors on an exploratory journey, gradually unveiling the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabian culture. Our design strategy focuses on utilizing scale, light, sound, and texture to engage all senses, highlighting the country’s pioneering achievements. --Luke Fox, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners"

Visitors can reach the pavilion through a lush forecourt covered with Saudi Arabian flora. The Saudi Courtyard is the central area of interest and is reached along the pathway. During the day, this area is used for quiet periods of reflection, while at night, it serves as a venue for activities and musical performances. In fact, visitors are guided through immersive settings that have been precisely constructed in partnership with Squint/Opera and 59 Productions along exploratory routes that resemble a "village."

With an emphasis on sustainability, the pavilion includes solar technologies for electricity generation, rainwater recycling, low-carbon materials, and energy-efficient lighting. The project is committed to reaching the Net Zero Operational Carbon target and strives for the best grade possible under Japan's green building system. Furthermore, integrating WELL design concepts has made user health and well-being the top priority.

The World Expo will commence in Osaka, Japan, from 13 April 2025 to 13 October 2025. Many other countries have announced their participation at the Expo under the overarching theme “Designing Future Society for our Lives,” with a master plan led by architect Sou Fujimoto. Following a global competition, AMDL CIRCLE has been chosen to design the pavilion that will represent the Nordic countries at Expo Osaka in 2025. The structure is intended to be disassembled and reused, adopting a circular and sustainable strategy. Additionally, the Australian Minister of Trade and Tourism has announced the designs for the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan. Designed by Buchan, the scheme celebrates Australia's natural beauty and landscape. Finally, Mario Cucinella Architects has just revealed the design of the Italian Pavilion for Expo Osaka 2025. Envisioned as a dynamic entity, the pavilion aims to foster knowledge and innovation through the interplay of different generations and cultures.