Bloomberg connects app gives free access to over 250 cultural institutions worldwide

Designboom_ With a few taps, Bloomberg Connects app provides expert-curated content and guides from over 250 museums, galleries, sculpture parks, gardens and cultural spaces, including MoMA, the MET, or Design Museum London. Provided behind-the-scenes insights, artist videos, and audios uncover the world of arts and culture effortlessly, anytime, anywhere, for free. As of 2023, Bloomberg became the official digital guide for London Design Festival, giving visitors the chance to discover more about over 40+ pavilions and design-led installations.

Explore Bloomberg Connects for free via Google Play or the App Store – download here!

With a dedication towards enhancing the quality and duration of lives across 700 cities and 150 countries worldwide, Bloomberg Philanthropies brings culture on the palms of your hands. The charitable organization founded by Michael R. Bloomberg created the free app with the intention of democratizing access to the arts and offerings of cultural institutions, including guides from Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, the MET, Design Museum London, Noguchi Museum, Museum of Arts and Design (New York).

Bloomberg Connects app serves as a complimentary digital companion, simplifying engagement with arts on the go. The digital platform offers information about current exhibitions at a portfolio of over 250 participating partners through dynamic content tailored to each organization. Participating collections include botanical gardens, performance venues, outdoor sculpture parks, and world-class museums, while features include expert commentary, video highlights, pinch-and-zoom capability and exhibition maps.

Bloomberg Connects accommodates personalized schedules and preferences, allowing the user to explore content at their own pace—whether seeking quick, easily digestible content or in-depth explorations. It’s versatile, accessible from on-site visits or from home, and is adaptable to different locations globally. As all the guides are downloadable, users can enjoy them even offline.

Beyond its distinctive content and guides, the app goes the extra mile by offering tools that enhance in-person visits to cultural institutions including trip-planning assistance, interactive maps, and quick reference points for accessing content within the app. More specifically, its design prioritizes inclusivity with built-in accessibility features such as voice-over, captions, audio transcripts, image zoom, and font adjustments.