SIIKUs LUX NOVA beams a circle of light outside roskilde cathedral in denmark

Designboom_commissioned by roskilde cathedral for lysfest 2020 – a 1-day light festival held in the city of roskilde – SIIKU art studio has realized the ‘LUX NOVA’ installation. the work, which was displayed on january 24th, 2020, saw light projected from the grand windows of the UNESCO-inscribed church onto a circle in the public square, inviting passersby to experience the ‘divine’ light.

roskilde cathedral was constructed during the 12th and 13th centuries and is widely recognized as one of the first gothic cathedrals built from brick. the building is also culturally important as it contains as many as 40 royal graves and sarcophaguses. with their installation, SIIKU made use of the large arched windows facing the church square on the main elevation, as from here, LED light was projected down.

standing in the public square, and bathed in light, was a large circle made from aluminium. within this space, the glow of LUX NOVA shined down, inviting the viewer to take centerstage in, what SIIKU described as, an ‘everchanging experiential microcosmos’.