Hachem Designs Hotel Among Lavender Fields in Australia

Archdaily_Hachem Architects have designed a new $65 million hotel within a lavender farm in Australia's Yarra Valley. Design as a boutique retreat, the project will also include a facility for infusing lavender into gin. Dubbed Voco, its horseshoe layout is focused towards the Valley’s views and wraps itself around a private courtyard. The design was made to capture the imagination of a new generation of travelers.

The development includes 196 rooms, a boutique distillery, restaurant, conference spaces and spa. Unexpected shapes and angles are hallmarks of the interior form, with the lobby, guest rooms, entertainment spaces and corridors featuring concealed passages and snug recesses. Leather, natural concrete, gold paneling and weathered timber would be used for fixtures and furniture to evoke warmth and luxury, while textures of wicker and rough-cut stone are set against polished tiling and exposed aggregate surfaces.