nextoffice reinterprets traditional iranian construction with headquarters in mashhad

Designboom_iranian architecture studio nextoffice proposes its ‘mashhad construction engineering organization (CEO) headquarters,’ an project designed for engineers to gather and communicate. while the sculptural volume — now under construction — is generated by its circulation spaces, a ground level corridor weaves through the building to link the two bordering streets. this expressive pathway carves out a spatial and structural void which opens up a public courtyard and guides the flow of pedestrians.

nextoffice designs its mashhad CEO headquarters to serve the construction engineering organization in iran. the team of architects organizes the monumental building with a clear programmatic hierarchy, and divides the project into two public types. while a large hall offers an area where organization applicants might receive certifications or approved technical documents, an amphitheater hosts seminars, conferences, and events on the subject of construction engineering. these two large-scale zones ‘reflect the expert’s category and the professional mission of construction engineering.’

with its proposed mashhad CEO headquarters, nextoffice addresses the project’s urban context as a sculptural object building which integrates the streetscape. in the organization of the two main interior spaces, the design team situates the public and gathering spaces, amphitheater, and documents approval hall toward the lower levels of the building, most accessible from the street. these basement, first, and second level spaces are directly accessible from to the sculptural void which defines the project’s iconic volume and expresses its influence from the morphology and structure of traditional iranian building types.