arthur colpaert proposes a double-sided toothbrush that will save you time

Designboom_ Brushing teeth is probably the most common ritual in our daily lives. We spend over 1,400 minutes every year on it, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Based on these observations, designer Arthur ColpAert proposes an innovative and manual, double-sided toothbrush that reduced usage time by 1/3.

Rethinking the way we brush our teeth without integrating complex technology was the main objective of this project. Consequently, this double side toothbrush is composed of bristles on each side that brush the upper and lower molars, premolars, and canines in a single movement. In addition, the ergonomic handle allows precise and efficient control,‘ writes ColpAert.

ColpAert devised the double-sided toothbrush as a standard handle that extends into a thin head composed of two different bristle lengths for proper ergonomic use. The top face holds 7mm-long bristles (slightly shorter than standard toothbrushes), while the bottom bristles span a mere 3mm. These varying dimensions allow users to simultaneously brush the side of their teeth and gently clean the inside of their cheeks — saving time along the way.

Regarding the process, I first tested the concept with a prototype and presented it to dentists and professionals. Thanks to their feedback, I have improved the shape and the size of the head of the toothbrush before using plasticine to find the most effective handle and design a ready-to manufacture product. Thinking and improving a product that is so common was a real challenge. This concept seeks to improve our daily lives through simple and effective ideas,’ concludes Arthur ColpAert.

*While this concept appears to be Oral-B branded, the designer has no connection to them or financial royalty.*