inflatable bus stops double as cozy reading nooks in the city in ulises` midjourney series

Designboom_ From mobile, nature-infused labs to ancient pyramids reimagined as modern, plush monuments, Ulises continues to explore the power of artificial intelligence in imagining innovative and often surreal design concepts. The Berlin-based digital design studio’s most recent project envisions urban streetscapes planted with inflatable infrastructure that double as public libraries.

The Cultural Constellations series makes use of Midjourney to conceptualize a series of public elements, such as bus stops, canopies, and benches, made from translucent inflatable PVC and stacked with books. These street libraries infused with abundant lighting give passersby a cozy nook to read and rest while navigating the city, becoming integrated with the urban fabric while bringing culture to the streets.

Cultural Constellations combines the power of artificial intelligence with design to visualize a simple yet powerful idea for a positive near-future. Ricardo Orts, founder of studio Ulises conceptualizes the street libraries to promote culture in the city, foster a sense of community, and bring city dwellers together with a shared space for enjoying literature. By designing public spaces that foster a culture of reading, Ulises aims to make literature more accessible to everyone and promote the benefits of reading for personal and social development,’notes Orts.

As a new hub for daily social interaction and exchange of ideas, the structures are envisioned to not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing to uplift the public realm. Constructed from inflatable PVC, they are easy to transport and install, while their translucency further ensures ample natural light penetrates the interior and creates an inviting atmosphere for readers. They can also serve as a platform for local artists and writers to showcase their work, further promoting the cultural vibrancy of the city.