No man is an island: life on the Faroes

Theguardian_ Andrea Gjestvang spent six years depicting the traditional males who roam these remote volcanic isles – while the female population declines.

View of the small town Vidareidi, the northern most settlement on the island of Viðoy

Young men take an evening swim in the cold waters in Sydrugota

Birds perch on cracks in the cliffs on the island of Mykines

A young boy on the ferry between the capital Tórshavn and the southernmost island of Suðuroy

Interior from a carpentry workshop in the capital Tórshavn

Rogni and Odin in a hot tub at midnight in Mykines

Hjalmar, his shirt stained with blood during sheep slaughtering in Kaldbaksbotnur

Farm slaughterhouse in Kaldbaksbotnur

A saw hangs at a farm slaughterhouse in Kaldbaksbotnur

Hans Jacob in a shack in the north harbor in Hvannasund

The entrails of slaughtered sheep lie in a pile outside the slaughterhouse on a farm in Kaldbaksbotnur

Aadne and Jóannes together in their childhood home in Klaksvík

Andrias outside his home, which he shares with his mother in Vidareidi

The village of Mykines on Mykines island