Yamaha Creates a Saxophone Grip Strengthener Tool

Core77_ Introducing Yamaha's new hand grip concept design, The Gripper. It has a unique shape with five separate parts for each finger, like a saxophone key.

The palm-grip support is made of warm softly sculpted wood, while the keys that touch the fingertips are made of cold metallic material to help users focus on their finger movements.

This design allows you to exercise grip strength while controlling each finger independently and delicately, providing a brand-new user experience. In addition, each key can be adjusted to match the user's unique finger length.

Yamaha believes in designs that make you want to touch them every day, whilst turning utilitarian, plain workout tools into objects with an aesthetic beauty. This project, a joint effort between Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor, sought designs that were tactile and uplifting.

This concept work was created as part of a collaboration project, called "Two Yamahas, One Passion," under the theme 'what if Yamaha designed a workout tool', but there are no plans to commercialize it.