"morphits" retro transformers unfold into whimsical wooden animals like a puzzle

Designboom_ Toy designer Yoshiaki Ito introduces a collection of wooden retro transformers that unfold from a compact square into a whimsical array of animals. Titled Morphits, these animal figures bring enchanting play experiences to people of all ages, fusing adorably expressive designs with versatile poseability. Blending creativity, craftsmanship, and playfulness, Morphits break away from the mundane mass-produced toy market and showcase a meticulous attention to detail. With versatility at their core, they can be transformed back into their cuboid forms and tucked into their resting boxes, presenting not only fun toys but also intriguing puzzle challenges.

Crafted from natural beechwood and finished with varnish, Morphits emanate a charmingly retro and warm quality. Stimulating creativity while offering timeless appeal, the renewable beechwood captures the essence of Morphits as environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing toys. From tigers and monkeys, to giraffes, pigs and hippos, each figure captures the essence of these animals, inspiring imaginative play and storytelling.

Each figure starts as a small, compact cuboid and undergoes a whimsical transformation, morphing into distinct animal shapes, each with its own unique identity. Designer Yoshiaki Ito has infused the Morphits with a utility-patented folding and holding three-dimensional mechanism. This, along with robust connections and stretchy elastic bands seamlessly linking all joints, allows for smooth manipulations while ensuring that all animals fit into the same size of box, achieving precise and consistent results.