Karolina halatek`s multisensory installation emits light and fog from its pyramidal form

Designboom_ Settled in the heart of Metz, Relic is a luminous installation by Karolina Halatek and TETRO+A seeking to shift perceptions and offer a new sky tracing perspective. The vessel takes the form of a pyramid, comprising circular metal steps traversed by a vertical beam of white light which emits a gentle artificial fog. The upward-reaching beam extends into the sky, visible from afar and drawing crowds in like a magnetic force. The installation invites the audience to ascend to its pinnacle, immersing themselves in the interplay of light and fog, becoming, in essence, a living monument.

In an era dominated by constant distractions from smartphones, social media, and incessant notifications, artist Karolina Halatek collaborated with agency TETRO+A to conceive Relic as a counterbalance to our virtual detachment. Amid the never-ending barrage of information and the fast-paced nature of modern life, the installation offers a moment of mindfulness, urging individuals to focus on and appreciate the present moment, detaching from distractions and fully embracing the here and how.

Interaction with Relic emphasizes the significance of each individual. As visitors engage with the installation, they become aware of the simultaneous creation of personal and collective history. It transforms into a public space for regeneration, a haven for rest and contemplation, and a catalyst for new interactions. Positioned at the heart of the city, it aims to surprise and inspire, while providing visitors with a fresh and illuminating perspective.

Since 2013, TETRO has been invested in the field of visual creation through its TETRO+A artistic division. As a voluntary and independent producer, the team has been dedicated to supporting the emergence of artistic creations, to perceive the world from a unique perspective.

‘It was only natural for us to support Karolina Halatek: we have been following her artistic journey characterized by a simple, poetic, and radical approach for many years. Her way of intertwining light — an element we particularly appreciate — with a sculptural and architectural approach creates an augmented material where the spectator becomes an actor. After Guillaume Marmin’s ‘Passengers’, we continue to support and promote artistic creations on the national and European stage. This artwork highlights the equality and value of each individual. It stimulates the senses while reminding us that each person creates their own story and contributes to the story of humanity. Just as we strive to do at TETRO and TETRO+A on a daily basis,’ notesMatthieu Debay, founder of TETRO+A.