Black diamond house by Amin Moazzen

Beautifullife_ Nestled deep within the verdant embrace of the jungle lies a dwelling that seems as though it were conjured straight out of a dream. This modern home by Amin Moazzen is a rare blend of raw nature and refined luxury. It’s not just a house, it’s an ode to nature – a piece of jewellery hidden amidst the lush green.

Dominating the aesthetic is the sophisticated contrast of black and green.

Drawing inspiration from the multifaceted nature of diamonds, Moazzen’s architectural masterpiece is laden with elements reminiscent of this precious stone. Whether it’s the angular cuts in the design, the play of light and shadow, or the way the structure interacts with its environment, there’s an unmistakable influence of the diamond’s elegance and mystique.

The centerpiece of the outdoor space is an elegantly designed swimming pool. As day turns to night, the pool undergoes a transformation, lit from beneath by green LED lights, creating an ethereal glow that mimics the colors of the house.