Artist Spotlight:

Mavet`s Transformative Urban Artistry

Mavet, a visionary artist in the field of contemporary digital art, presents a captivating world of urban enchantment through his innovative artworks.

Gallery online_ The essence of his creations derives from the manipulation of images, an intricate process that Mavet masterfully weaves into a mesmerising tapestry of colours, lines and emotions.

At the heart of Mavet's artistic expression is his preference for the "urban" genre. He compiles his collection mainly from snapshots taken by himself or commissioned from his network of photographers. In his own words, "My work is essentially created through the manipulation of images. The images I manipulate are images of the 'urban' genre. They are usually shots that I have taken myself or that I have commissioned from my photographic collaborators."

Mavet's creative journey proceeds in a series of meticulous steps. The initial edits often involve applying philtres to the images, giving them a distinctive visual character. But it is in the subsequent phase of digital painting that Mavet's artistic essence fully unfolds. He affectionately refers to this phase as his favourite and explains: "After that begins my phase of digital painting, which I prefer. In this phase, I work directly freehand on the work, with colours and lines." In this phase, his imagination blossoms, as he adds his personal touch to the artwork and lets colours and lines flow spontaneously from his artistic mind.

The culmination of Mavet's creative process consists of further adjustments that play with the interplay of light and shadow. About this last step, he says: "Finally, I make further transformations with brightness and contrast adjustments." These thoughtful adjustments serve as the finishing strokes that bring his compositions to life, enhancing the vibrancy and depth of his urban landscapes.

Mavet's approach to his craft can be likened to a "magic recipe", a phrase he uses to describe the enchanting fusion of elements he orchestrates in his artistic alchemy. He sees himself not only as a creator but also as the keeper of the secret behind this captivating magic. "I can say that everything follows a 'magic recipe', a fantastic alchemy in which I feel myself the creator and keeper of the secret of this magic I work on the images."

In summary, Mavet's artworks are a testament to his unique vision and boundless creativity. His skilful manipulation of imagery, passion for urban aesthetics and transformative artistic process creates a world that speaks to the viewer on multiple levels. Mavet's artistic journey is an exploration of visual enchantment, where every stroke, colour and setting contributes to the symphony of emotions and ideas that make up his work.

instagram: mavet_artist