fidel suftibonas` AI-generated "promptography" captures the vibrant street life of havana

Designboom_ In an evocative exploration of Havana’s heartbeat, Fidel Suftibonas presents his latest digital art project, Echoes of Havana: A Street Photography Perspective. This series offers viewers an intimate journey into the life, rhythms, and soul of Cuba’s historic capital through an unprecedented lens — a hyperrealistic visual insight captured without use of a photographic camera. The series has been realized using promptography, a novel convergence of technology and artistry that blends the intuitive capabilities of artificial intelligence with the timeless allure of photography. Without ever pressing a shutter button, Suftibonas is able to capture the essence of imagination, where each image tells a story from the resilience of the Habaneros to the grandeur of the cityscape.

With a focus on authenticity, Fidel Suftibonas’ collection paints a vivid portrait of the Habaneros — the people of Havana. Each image resonates with stories of resilience, cultural vibrancy, and the various paths of daily life that unwind on the city’s streets. Each frame of each composition features a depth that echoes the true essence of Havana, revealing both its timeless grandeur and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Echoes of Havana showcases the designer’s distinct approach to photography, where he intertwines his intuitive understanding of his subjects with compositional understanding to unfold an evocative narrative that invites viewers to step into the pulsing heart of the city. At first glance, the images appear to be the result of traditional photography, but are in fact generated using promptography. By inputting descriptions, emotions, and his artistic vision into an artificial intelligence system, these life-like visuals were generated, presenting a Havana as vivid as any captured by traditional means.