Iranian team group plans sweeping "saya villa" in fluidly sculpted stone

Designboom_ Saya Villa, a name derived from the local dialect of its owner’s hometown, meaning ‘shadow,’ draws its inspiration from the interplay of sunlight on its formal structure. Iranian architecture studio Team Group has proposed this architecturally-minded home that marries tradition, culture, and modernity in an harmonious dance of light and shadow.

Beginning this residential project, the architects investigated the cultural fabric of Targhroud village, the birthplace of the client. This exploration revealed a unique way of life marked by simplicity and strong familial bonds. The design team explains: ‘A culture of behavior was formed that is very simple, governed and limited in relationships outside the family, and very bold, dynamic and homogenous within the family.’ This cultural insight forms the cornerstone of the architects’ design process.

The design process driving Team Group’s Saya Villa involves a dialogue of contrasting elements. The architects note that from its exterior, the structure aims to suggest a sense of calm and order, with a strong yet calming presence firmly rooted in stone. In contrast, interiors are sculpted with dynamic and fluid spaces. This duality is achieved through careful manipulation of space, employing concepts of filling and emptying, and embracing soft curves that create an inviting interior.

At the core of Saya Villa’s layout are the principles of Iranian behavior and culture, which Team Group Design weaves into the needs of a modern family. It pays homage to the significance of centrality, privacy, and hierarchy, all the while embracing a harmonious blend of form, texture, and color. The design pays respectful homage to its context, serving as a bridge between time-honored traditions and contemporary living.