A slender red opening slices the earth for hajime yoshida architecture`s land art in japan

Designboom_ Amid the tranquil landscape of Toga, Japan, Serpent Lady is a land art project bridging nature and human existence. Realized by HAJIME YOSHIDA ARCHITECTURE, the project sits at the confluence of a mountain and river, slicing the earth with a deep, slender hole. Its vibrant red hue starkly contrasts the earthen tones and tapestry of insects and animals that encircle it, while its bold geometric form infuses a sense of order to the site, where there were previously no physical elements. Concealed within are steps which gently invite observers to delve into the embrace of Mother Earth. This is a landscape space that reconstructs new relationships with the earth and its life,’ note the architects.

Life, according to HAJIME YOSHIDA ARCHITECTURE, is a symbiotic dance between the earth and its inhabitants — which the studio seeks to encapsulate with Serpent Lady. Subtle in form yet bold in color, the installation invites viewers to reconsider their connection to the earth, urging them to embrace its energy and strength. Delving under the ground, the project unveils a different perspective on the intricate web of life. Through descending into the opening in the ground, spectators are prompted to confront the essence of Mother Earth, an entity often concealed beneath our feet. The experience serves as a powerful reminder of the life-sustaining forces that flow beneath the surface — a realm of energy, strength, and kindness.