Federico babina reimagines iconic designer lamps as animals in latest illustration series

Designboom_ Italian illustrator Federico Babina transforms 20 iconic designer lamps into imaginative animal creatures in his new series ZOOLAMP. Breathing life into the world of design, the project challenges our perception and encourages creative thinking, drawing parallels between design objects and animal forms.

The lamps cease to be mere objects and instead become characters with distinctive personalities and expressions. Through this creative exercise, the artist taps into the concept of Pareidolia, urging us to find and recognize animals hidden within the shapes of the iconic design pieces. The illustration series is a playful yet profound exploration guided by volumes, colors and shapes encouraging the development of ‘elastic thinking’.

Through playful illustrations, the artist invites viewers to explore the hidden connections in everyday objects, embracing the innate human capability of associating images and shapes. ZOOLAMP presents a luminous zoo where design elements come alive in unexpected ways. Th artworks invite us to question what we see and imagine what could be, encouraging us to see beyond the rational and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.