Beaverbrook Art Gallery presents Omar Gandhi Architects exhibition

Artdaily_ Beaverbrook Art Gallery opened an exhibition that showcases the groundbreaking work of Omar Gandhi Architects (OG), a globally recognized architecture studio. The exhibition, curated by John Leroux, will run from October 14, 2023, to January 10, 2024.

Founded in 2010, Omar Gandhi Architects (OGA) has gained global recognition for their innovative approach to architecture and design. Known for their ability to creatively interpret client briefs while seamlessly incorporating the unique characteristics of each site they work on, OGA has consistently demonstrated their adaptability to extreme climates, resulting in transformative designs that have earned critical acclaim.

Omar Gandhi Architects, led by Omar Gandhi himself, has received the prestigious Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture and a Governor General's Medal in Architecture. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to delve into the studio's roots and trace its evolution into one of the most influential architectural practices in the world. The exhibition highlights completed projects in the Canadian landscape through sketches, construction photos, drawings, and physical models.

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery's Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, John Leroux, is the curator of this exhibit, and a retired architect. He expressed his admiration for OG's work, stating, "the recent work by Omar Gandhi Architects is some of the most innovative and exciting architectural design to have ever come out of Atlantic Canada. It is no surprise to me that Omar and his office are held in such high international regard. They care deeply about people, place, and the craft of building. It ultimately comes down to building a strong and connected community through architecture."

The exhibition features 32 large-scale photographs, 23 hand-crafted architectural models, and one custom-designed architectural enclosure created by Omar Gandhi Architects.

Omar Gandhi, Principal and Owner, expressed his excitement about this exhibition, saying, "I'm honoured to showcase our studio's work for the first time, curated by John Leroux. Our exhibition captures a moment in our studio's evolution, offering introspection into our architectural journey. We aim to make architecture relatable and enjoyable, emphasizing its functional and emotional aspects, inviting the public to connect with our creations."

Founded in 2010, Omar Gandhi Architects (OG) is a studio that has cultivated a dedicated approach to architecture, emphasizing thoughtfulness and sound expressions. With a diverse portfolio encompassing a wide range of architectural typologies, the firm combines local influences and a responsive design philosophy to create adaptive and contextually sensitive designs. Their creative process revolves around collaboration with clients, incorporating the influences of landscape, community, and typology, resulting in architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings.

As "Omar Gandhi Architects" prepares to open its doors to the public, this exhibition promises to be a unique and immersive experience showcasing the transformative power of architecture.