Cantilevered transparent pool hovers above hotel complex in thailand

Designboom_ Mys Khaoyai Hotel by Bangkok-based studio Urban Praxis draws from the lush surroundings of Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. The architectural design focuses on providing an ‘Elevated Ground Floor’ experience for hotel guests, allowing them to seamlessly connect with the natural environment. Despite regulatory space constraints, each room is designed as a stacked luxurious forest cabin with a green balcony, offering spacious suites with living areas, en-suite bathrooms, and balconies featuring the presence of trees. The most notable feature is a transparent nine-meter-long swimming pool, also serving as a hotel reception underneath, providing a panoramic mountain view.

The cantilevered pool structure adds an element of excitement, allowing guests to swim with the sensation of being in the sky. Showcasing engineering ingenuity, the elongated pool is completely transparent with a minimal number of columns. For its construction, the design team at Urban Praxis collaborates with specialist advice from Reynolds structural engineers and aquarium designers.