Colossal dog sculpture welcomes visitors to yoshitomo nara`s solo exhibition in aomori, japan

Designboom_ At the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan, a gigantic dog sculpture by Yoshitomo Nara welcomes visitors. Ten years after his first solo exhibition at the museum, the famed Japanese artist returns with a second solo show titled The Beginning Place. Running from October 14, 2023, to February 25, 2024, the exhibition reflects on Nara’s creative journey over the past 12 years since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, while also showcasing some of his noteworthy works from his student days. Visitors are guided through layers of Nara’s paintings, seamlessly navigating between the past and present within the exhibition space.

The monumental dog sculpture, standing at an impressive 8.5 meters in height and 6.7 meters in width, stands in the outdoor space on the west side of the Aomori Museum of Art, symbolizing its deep admiration for Yoshitomo Nara. The museum’s dedication to the artist is further emphasized by its extensive collection, initiated in 1998, which has grown to over 170 pieces, establishing it as the world’s largest repository of Nara’s works. Alongside the shiny dog sculpture, the museum hosts another piece called Miss Forest.

The exhibition presents a diverse array of Nara’s works, spanning from his student years to the present day. His paintings, characterized by figures with glaring gazes, resonate universally with those navigating the complexities of contemporary existence. Emphasizing the significance of the house motif in Nara’s art, the exhibition delves into the various layers, media, and expressions within his oeuvre. The showcase encompasses paintings, photography, pottery, and sculptures from both early and recent collections, offering a comprehensive view of the artist’s evolving sensibilities. Additionally, the show takes a contemporary perspective by exploring Nara’s anti-war themes and their impact on society. Lastly, it recreates the Small Community of Rock Cafe 33 1/3, which Nara frequented as a teenager, providing insight into the origins of his creative journey.