Artist arran gregory creates invisible and floating wireframe figures for YMC clothing brand

Designboom_ K-based artist and sculptor Arran Gregory gets playful with his latest creations for the London clothing brand You Must Create (YMC). Combining aluminum, steel wire, crocodile clips, and statement fashion pieces, the project captures four wireframes and invisible figures dressed in YMC’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, suspended mid-air within wooden structures. The floating sculptures were designed to act like framed three-dimensional sketches, which, once clothed, come to life like actual silhouettes or even puppets.

Arran Gregory’s playfully minimalist visions are currently on display in YMC’s London flagship stores located on Brick Lane and in Soho. The British sculptor and artist completed this playful series of suspended invisible silhouettes as a figurative continuation of his previous sculpture titled ‘Sprint’ — depicting a wolf skeleton mid-flight and highlighting Gregory’s minimalist approach to form. ‘I’m interested in the space between the two and three-dimensional, switching between both and using sculpture as a development of drawing,’The artist says. The wooden frames vary from vertical (250 x 150 x 100cm) to more horizontal displays (180 x 140 x 80cm / 2400 x 600 x 1800mm).