WGNB`s beauty store in seoul recreates imaginary island landscape with giant rocks

Designboom_ Design and architecture studio WGNB has crafted The Isle for the Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree, offering a fresh take on beauty retailing within Seoul’s urban landscape. Embracing the theme of an imaginary island where there is potentially no flat plane, the project reflects its landscape within an urban setting. The contour lines of the island are reimagined as various elevated levels, forming platforms, seating areas, and tables within the space. Meanwhile, large rocks delicately dress the columns or stand independently, evoking a natural ambiance and creating an exciting interplay of voids and solids alongside the exposed roof. The design introduces a pristine touch, where bursts of green contrast against the white color palette that envelops the entire space. The intentional use of natural elements breathes a refreshing character into The Isle, creating an atmosphere that merges modernity with the serenity of nature.

The Isle stands as a creative addition to the retail scene, where beauty, creativity, and a hint of nature converge within the city’s bustling atmosphere. Departing from the usual retail setup, the store incorporates raised platforms, seating, and tables, creating an unconventional yet inviting environment for exploration. Utilizing innovative BACE (Byucksan Autoclaved Cement Extrusion) panels —commonly used in architectural facades— the store’s interior combines durability with an essence of the outdoors. This design choice by WGNB aims to infuse a touch of nature into the urban setting, offering customers a different shopping experience. Besides hosting Innisfree’s skincare and cosmetic products, the store integrates a café setting, allowing shoppers to enjoy beverages and food while exploring the products.