Exhibition of the works of the pioneering German-Swedish artist

Modernamuseet_ “A Divided Life” is the most extensive exhibition of work by the groundbreaking German-Swedish artist Lotte Laserstein to date in the Nordic Region. Following its success in Malmö, the exhibition is now on view at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Lotte Laserstein (1898–1993) is one of the art world’s most exciting recent rediscoveries. Exhibitions of her work in Germany have attracted broad audiences eager to explore this long-forgotten artist and have established a place for her in the history of twentieth-century art. However, these shows focused primarily on Laserstein’s work from the 1920s to the beginning of the 1930s – the period before she was forced to leave Germany and emigrate to Sweden.

“A Divided Life” focuses as much on the multifaceted works she created in exile in Sweden as it does on those she made before leaving Germany.

Lotte Laserstein described her life and her career with the words: “My escape to Sweden broke my life in two.” This division has shaped the structure of the exhibition.