Dine under a rippling rainbow at SODA architects restaurant in beijing

Designboom_ Is art merely meant to be an ornament of space? SODA Architects adopts the philosophy of ‘space itself is art’ to the transform the interior of the Red Eye Bono restaurant in Beijing into a large-scale artistic installation. A dazzling rainbow flows down from the ceiling, embracing diners with its rich colors and refractive form to create an immersive dream-like atmosphere. The metal curtain, semi-translucent and lightly textured, scatters unevenly like komorebi as it reveals a multi-layered gradation, and simultaneously ensures privacy of the dining area alongside visual transparency and openness. This dynamic interplay of spaces unfolds throughout the restaurant, marked by hues interlaced with scattered light that generate a layered and transformative artistic effect. ‘The curved form hovers above, at times touching the ground, resembling a rainbow atop the horizon within reach,’notes the design team.

Bold colors, an interplay of transparency, refraction, and fluidity define SODA Architects’ design language as seen across the Red Eye Bono restaurant, creating a poetically translucent and evocative ambiance. Led by Yuan Jiang, the design team draws on the restaurant’s continental cuisine and the abundant natural light of the Mediterranean, bathing guests in the warmth of the sunshine. The use of an array of hues is employed to stimulate a joyful dining experience, injecting a sense of positive energy. During the day, the restaurant symbolizes the sun’s rays, while at night, it introduces a splash of vibrant colors to the cityscape.

In the post-epidemic era, SODA Architects, in collaboration with the restaurant’s partners, sought to introduce an innovative experience to the city’s landscape to promote an environment of joy. Surrounded by the interplay of light and shadow, the Red Eye Bono restaurant immerses its visitors in a playful and cheery ambiance. After the restaurant opening, a young customer visited with his parents. As soon as they entered, he was deeply intrigued by the colorful rainbow above his head. The youngster excitedly moved around. What excited him was not the prospect of a delicious meal but deciding which colorful area he wanted to dine at,’ recalls Yuan Jiang.