Hope is Alive: Barclays Hosts Transformative Art Exhibition and Workshop

London, January 25, 2024

In a unique initiative titled "Hope is Alive," Barclays Bank in Clapham Junction hosted a captivating art exhibition and workshop that provided a fresh perspective on hope and community engagement. The event, held at the Barclay Bank branch, showcased the works of artists Kara and Nathan, offering a vibrant space for customers and the local community to connect in an unconventional setting.

“I will use the word community because that is really important to us. What that word means is connecting with our community, and offering our art events space in branches, for example, like here at Clapham Junction, to connect with our community.” Iain Pyne, the customer care leader at Barclays in Clapham Junction said. He highlights the importance of community engagement. Pyne emphasized the bank's commitment to connecting with the community and utilizing their branch spaces for events that resonate with the local populace. The art exhibition, featuring works under the theme "Hope is Alive," served as a testament to Barclays' dedication to societal purposes beyond traditional banking.

The exhibition featured a diverse range of artworks, with Kara presenting her expressive oil pastel paintings and Nathan captivating the audience with light installations. Pyne underscored the significance of such events, stating, "It allows the artists to showcase their work to customers, and for us to talk about ways that we can connect and help our customers."

Kara, one of the featured artists, shared her inspiration behind the event, explaining how the workshops aimed to restore hope in individuals, particularly during the challenging days. Participants engaged in various art activities, such as charcoal drawing, poetry creation, oil pastel drawings, and collages, exploring the theme of hope visually and expressively.

“Hope for me is allowing God to change my perspective and focus.” Kara said about her definition of hope and continued: “So focusing on the Gods high away and not getting consumed by what's going on in the world today, which could be war, it could be famine, there's so much going on. But focusing and seeing it from God's perspective restores that and knowing that this isn't the end, that having a relationship with God, having eternal life with God, that it gives me hope. So yeah, thank God for this opportunity.”

Kara expressed her gratitude for the collaborative effort with Barclays and Nathan, highlighting the positive impact of the event on fostering communication and breaking down walls.

Nathan, an interdisciplinary storyteller known for his LightBreath journey, brought a unique perspective to the event. He defined hope as a "brilliant expectation of something good and amazing." Nathan's light show served as a visual representation of hope, aligning with his exploration of spirit and creativity in modern life.

Nathan had his light show, which also communicated the message of hope. As a Christian, it was nice to see him talk about light. And we know that Jesus is the light of the world. Kara said about Nathan's artwork.

The event provided participants with a range of art equipment, including pencils, charcoal, and pastels, allowing them to express their views on hope through various artistic mediums. The inclusive approach encouraged attendees to use poetry, painting, and graphics to convey their personal interpretations of hope.

In essence, "Hope is Alive" at Barclays Bank in Clapham Junction not only showcased the power of art to inspire hope but also served as a platform for meaningful conversations and connections within the community. The event exemplified Barclays' commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment beyond the conventional banking realm, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of hope and connection.