World`s largest kinetic sculpture by BREAKFAST sets sail on icon of the seas cruise ship

Designboom_ BREAKFAST, a Brooklyn-based new media artist studio, introduces its latest kinetic art sculpture on the Royal Caribbean’s new ship, Icon of the Seas, the biggest of its kind to date. Titled The Pearl, this piece is recognized as the largest kinetic artwork in the world, showcasing an unprecedented fusion of art and technology. It spanns over 13.7 meters in height and boasts a diameter of 16 meters, featuring nearly 3,000 computer-driven kinetic tiles, showcasing a stunning ability to capture the essence of the ocean.

The Pearl sculpture by BREAKFAST simulates various natural phenomena such as rolling waves, gentle breezes, shooting stars, and the dynamic ocean surface. Drawing its inspiration from the tranquility and unpredictability of the sea, each tile is meticulously arranged in a Fibonacci sequence, echoing patterns found in marine life. But what truly sets The Pearl apart is its interactive nature; its movements are influenced by real-time tidal and wind data from the Caribbean. This feature allows it to continuously transform, reflecting the current environmental conditions in an ever-evolving display of calmness or intensity.

The journey to bring The Pearl to life aboard Icon of the Seas spanned over four years of relentless work by BREAKFAST. This period was marked by innovative conceptualization, design, and custom fabrication of each part, underscoring the studio’s commitment to craftsmanship and detailed execution. Now residing on the cruise ship, the installation is not merely a sculpture; it is an immersive experience that invites viewers to engage with the rhythm and heart of the ocean. ‘As the world’s largest kinetic art sculpture, it is a landmark achievement for the studio and a significant addition to the world of contemporary art,’ shares the team.