Wendell castle`s bio-morphic sculptures take over carpenters workshop gallery

Designboom_ The Suspended Disbelief exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London offers a glimpse into the artistic journey of Wendell Castle, a celebrated American sculptor and designer. Recognized for his contributions to the American Art Furniture movement, Castle integrated sculpture with functional design over the course of his career. On view from 9 February until 26 April 2024, the exhibition highlights his later works from 2011 to 2015, revisiting Castle’s distinctive bio-morphic style, reminiscent of his influential pieces from the 1960s and 1970s. Castle’s works in the exhibition demonstrate his continued exploration of organic forms and flowing lines inspired by natural patterns and shapes. He utilized innovative techniques, such as carving into stacked laminated wood and fiberglass, and experimented with new materials like steel, bronze, and nickel.

Central to Wendell Castle‘s approach is his departure from the static nature often associated with modernism. By carving into large wooden blocks, he created diverse forms ranging from bulbous to sinewy, all while maintaining a sense of balance and harmony. In his work, Castle experimented with diverse shapes and brought a playful, imaginative quality to his pieces.‘His work crosses over in the worlds of sculpture, design and craft, offering endless inspiration to new generations of artists and designers. His mastery of materials, transforming them into fluid, functional art, continues to challenge and expand our understanding of creation and craftsmanship,’commentsLoic Le Gaillard, one of the founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Alongside Wendell Castle’s Suspended Disbelief, Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents two additional exhibitions. The first showcases new works by Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist Roger Herman, while the second features the collaboration between artist Michèle Lamy and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin in HUNROD GOLD. Titled From California With Love, the first display showcases Herman’s latest creations, spanning ceramics and large-scale canvases. Known for his experimental approach, Herman’s pieces explore color, texture, material, and process. The display includes fifteen hand-crafted ceramics, each highlighting Herman’s interest in color interplay during glazing. These ceramics feature irregular shapes and vibrant glazes, embracing imperfection and unpredictability. Accompanying them are six large-scale paintings, where unpredictable hues emerge, mirroring the spontaneity of Herman’s ceramics. Together, the ceramics and paintings create a cohesive display, showcasing Herman’s intuitive, artistic method across different mediums.

The second display features the HunRod Gold collection, a series of rings inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Crafted from 18kt yellow and white gold with diamond accents, each ring reflects the unique characteristics of its animal symbol. Lamy and Rodkin’s designs challenge traditional notions of feminine jewelry, offering bold and distinctive wearable art pieces. The exhibition not only showcases Lamy’s evolving work but also emphasizes her personal connection to jewelry. Through the interplay of materials and design, the collaboration suggests that fashion and design play significant roles in self-expression and lifestyle.