Quirky chicken coops by italian artists could be your new household essential

Designboom_ On the occasion of Italian contemporary art fair Artissima, Pisa-based brand OFF Giannoni & Santoni debuts a series of unique chicken coops envisioned as essential household items, akin to fridges or dishwashers. Conceived by Italian art duo Vedovamazzei and crafted in collaboration with the world’s most ‘philosophical’ egg producer, Paolo Parisi, the project, named New Egg, showcases 20 individually handcrafted coops. Ranging from a vibrant, multi-colored coop tailored for a ‘yuppie’ hen to a glistening structure for ‘the hen that laid the golden eggs,’ each coop communicates its unique message through bold aesthetics and a generous dose of humor.

OFF Giannoni & Santoni introduces the 20 coops, each as an unrepeatable piece of art. Designed by Vedovamazzei, these creations not only mimic modern appliances but also advocate for the presence of a hen coop in every home, whether on a terrace or in a backyard, for fresh eggs daily. In response to widespread intensive farming, OFF Giannoni & Santoni aims to provide hens with an ideal living environment akin to a luxury villa. They emphasize the importance of security for hens, hence the closable design, mirroring our own need for protection at night. ‘You can decide whether to walk among the hens or choose to observe them from the outside, but is important to do it with respect and without disturbing them. And don’t ask yourself what they are because it can’t be said whether they are hen coops becoming pieces of art or pieces of art becoming hen coops. It’s like asking: which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ the Italian brand shares.

Tailored for chickens with specific characters or backgrounds, each coop embodies the personality of its inhabitant. Whether it’s the economist hen, the bigot hen, the anarchist hen, the infamous hen, the whataboutism hen, or even the Aristotelian hen, every design reflects subtle references through its materiality, color palette, and inscriptions.‘The hallmark of our chicken coops is the same as Vedovamazzei’s: irony. But it’s a cultured, sophisticated irony, not just for the sake of it (sometimes, even melancholic),’ the team at OFF Giannoni & Santoni explains.