The observatory by creative giants showcases max cooper`s audio-visual works in london

Designboom_ The Observatory is a new digital art house and studio by Creative Giants, proudly presenting Max Cooper, Thomas Vanz, The McGloughlin Brothers, Quayola, Uisato, and Yoshi Sodeoka in a collection of work that seeks to question our cultural landscape and explore feelings of more positive wellbeing. Taking root in the iconic London location of Granary Square, King’s Cross, as part of the neighborhood’s ‘Mind Your Brain’ campaign, The Observatory, in partnership with the Chamber of Culture and in support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), will debut to the public with a three-month series of curated works running from 7 February to 1 May 2024. The Observatory is an invitation to the public to rest and give space for their minds to wander. A dichroic pop-up space that breaks art from the confines of traditional gallery spaces, it is intended to be a haven amidst urban chaos and bring transformative experiences to all.

14 pieces by London-based audio-visual artist Max Cooper and other feature collaborators will be showcased at The Observatory during its three-month cycle in King’s Cross. Max Cooper explores the intersection of music, science, and art, having carved out a unique space as an artist with a science PhD and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician. His work has been chosen to feature in The Observatory because it carries an emotional resonance and sensory immersion, often focusing on humanity’s place in the world. Cooper merges electronic music and visual art with scientific enquiry through installations, live performances, immersive audio-visual experiences, a range of digital media, and music videos.

‘The Observatory is not a spectacle installation nor is it just another immersive digital experience; it has been created to provoke thought, elicit emotions, and foster a sense of connection with both the self and the world around us.’ The digital art house serves as a conduit for artists who explore our shared values, testing interactive media with deeper levels of engagement, or simply prompt new dialogue. 

‘With this in mind, we are without a fixed location, preferring the fluidity and dynamism of pop-up installs, occupied spaces, or mass gatherings – simply wherever we see an interesting exchange of ideas. We’re ecstatic to test the first iteration in the bustling Granary Square at Kings Cross, a perfect juxtaposition between fast-paced city life and an opportunity to slow down and reflect,’ shares Ben Kearns, Design Director at Creative Giants.

Through three chapters, 14 pieces by Max Cooper will feature during The Observatory’s time at Kings Cross: Chapter 1: Max Cooper x Thomas Vanz February, 2024, 09:00-17:00, Mon-Fri Chapter 2: Max Cooper x The McGloughlin Brothers March, 2024, 09:00-17:00, Mon-Fri
 Chapter 3: Max Cooper presents ‘Seme’ April, 2024, 09:00-17:00, Mon-Fri.