Nontraditional Fiber Artist Seamlessly Weaves Beautiful Circular Creations

Mymodernmet_ Alison Altafi's Instagram page describes her artwork as “Magical art for magical people,” and it's no surprise as to why. The whimsical nature of her work easily conjures up visions of far away other worlds. By weaving together mixed fibers of all different textures and colors, she is able to create entire universes in the space of a hoop. Some of these universes resemble the natural world, while others are more abstract and fantastical.

Altafi started her art career in her twenties by weaving wall hangings and traditional tapestries but soon found herself drawn to “weaving in the round,” as she found “the cyclical nature of round weaving to be very cathartic and meditative.” Upon looking at her Instagram, where she routinely documents her creative process in reels, it is no surprise why it is so relaxing for her. Altafi begins every project with thin lines of string stretched across the hoop, resembling a spoke wheel pattern. From there, she carefully weaves her yarn between the strings, slowly filling in the hoop inch by inch.

“I use hand spun and hand dyed yarn to create art that feels magical, otherworldly and fantastical- art that I myself can escape into. I’ve had my work referred to as ‘portals' to other worlds and I love imagining them in that way,” Altafi stated.