Ronan bouroullec`s first solo exhibition opens at centre pompidou

Designboom_ On March 5, 2024, Centre Pompidou unveiled Ronan Bouroullec’s inaugural solo exhibition, titled Résonance. Set to run until September 23, 2024, the show, curated by Marie Ange Brayer and Olivier Zeitoun, presents an extensive collection of works highlighting Bouroullec’s prowess as a designer and artist. Notably, the showcase includes an exclusive preview of new products crafted for the ceramic tile company Mutina, set to be officially launched a tMilan Design Week 2024.

As mentioned previously, the Centre Pompidou exhibition dedicated to Ronan Bouroullec features a range of unreleased products created for Mutina, including Adagio, a modular wall installation adaptable to various scales and contexts. The lattice structure of Adagio recalls fabric patterns, with its three-dimensionality accentuated by element overlap. Its name, inspired by musical time, emphasizes the slow and deliberate application of each piece, following a sophisticated interlocking pattern.

In addition to Adagio, three new editions are on display: Camino, Camini, and Candeliere. Camino and Camini are collections that blend cylindrical vases in anodized aluminum with ceramic elements outlining the supporting structure. Candeliere, on the other hand, is a modular-based lighting support capable of creating diverse combinations. The initial structure consists of multiple cylinders joined by ceramic parallelepipeds serving as connecting elements.