This 3000+ brick LEGO Milky Way artpiece captures the chaos of our cosmic home

Yankodesign_ The Milky Way is estimated to have anywhere up to 400 billion stars, so it only made sense that LEGO’s reinterpretation of the galaxy was a chaotic combination of thousands of bricks too, right?! Designed for ages 18 and above, the LEGO Milky Way Galaxy (#31212) is a galactic hot-mess of plastic. With over 3000 bricks coming together to make the artpiece, this box-set is as challenging as it’s beautiful. The pieces are color-coordinated and come together beautifully to create the different bands of the galaxy we call home. There’s even a specific point on the painting where a ‘You Are Here’ tag marks the general location of our solar system, and by extension, us.

The entire painting comes together with a staggering 3091 bricks, featuring popular celestial phenomena such as Trappist-1, The Pleiades, The Crab Nebula, and The Pillars of Creation. Given how detailed the entire artpiece is, it’s split into five panels for easy assembly, each accompanied by a dedicated instruction booklet, fostering a collaborative assembly experience for families and friend groups. To elevate the journey, each booklet unveils a curated soundtrack filled with fascinating Milky Way facts accessible via QR code. When complete, the entire piece measures a staggering 15.5 inches tall and 25.5 inches wide.